Editorial Wedding Photography with Jeremy Chou

Upgrade your clients, get out of the pricing dead zone, and take your photography to the next level.

This course is for you if...

  • You're a wedding photographer stuck in the "pricing dead zone"
  • You want to be able to work with high-end, luxury clients
  • You want a better system to run your photography business
  • You want to create more profit with each new client

Improve Your Craft

Learn What It Takes To Get Consistency and Refinement In Your Work

One of the most important things I've found over the years that I've been doing professional, luxury wedding photography is the importance of consistency and refinement.

Consistency means what you see is what you get, so your website, your portfolio, and your social images need to promote the kind of work that you want to be hired for.

You accomplish this through constant refinement. As you improve, so should your brand, so that you can consistently get better clients, better work, and better images.

Upgrade Your Clients

Work With Luxury, Editorial, and Destination Wedding Clients

In the course, I'll show you how to curate a recognizable brand that attracts the type of clients you want to work with.

This includes how to create a niche for yourself and how to understand the value that you bring to your clients' weddings and editorial photo shoots.


Learn from your favorite creators

With courses made by the creators you love and produced by Lightbulb Courses, you will get the guidance you need to learn and grow.

Improve your mindset & skill set

Gain the skills, confidence, and clarity you need to get back on track and realize your full creative potential.

Develop your new craft & grow without limitations

With your creativity in full swing, you can get back to focusing on new outcomes and will feel ready to take action.

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"I needed to raise my prices somewhat significantly, but couldn't get my numbers and packages to work out right in my head. Jeremy has been so knowledgeable through his workshops and in the industry,...[and] he was able to break things down for me in easy to understand concepts, [he] presented ideas I hadn't considered, and even helped me work through some of my blocks around logical pricing and client mentality.

After I fine-tuned my pricing, I immediately booked two clients at a rate $1,000 higher than my previous package, with less coverage included. Make more and work less - that's what we all want, isn't it? I can now confidently present my pricing to planners and clients, and finally feel I'm getting paid what I'm worth."

~Rachel Solomon

"The process that Jeremy outlines in this course gives so much clarity to photographers who are trying to improve their businesses.

I now know the exact steps I need to create a more distinct brand, raise my prices, and better serve my clients."


Editorial Wedding Photography - Course Outline

Your Instructor

  1. My Photography History and My Why
  2. A Look At My Past Work

Your Brand

  1. Curate A Recognizable Brand
  2. Create A New Niche For Your Business
  3. Growing Your Brand Through Refinement vs Creativity
  4. Curate Your Images
  5. Brand Consistency Is Key

Your Pricing

  1. The Psychology of Pricing
  2. Escape The Pricing Dead Zone
  3. The Four Package Pricing System
  4. How To Raise Your Prices
  5. Create Customized Pricing Proposals

Posing Masterclass

  1. Posing Masterclass Part 1
  2. Posing Masterclass Part 2

Upselling Albums

  1. Upsell Albums to Increase Your Sales & Profit

Shooting Film

  1. How to Shoot Film
  2. How To Use A Light Meter
  3. How to Load Film

Wedding Photography Workflow

  1. My Proven Wedding Photography Workflow

Behind The Scenes - Blue Sky Park City Editorial Wedding Shoot

  1. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 1
  2. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 2
  3. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 3
  4. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 4
  5. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 5
  6. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 6
  7. Blue Sky Editorial - Part 7

FAQ and Next Steps

  1. Five Things To Do Now
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
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