A message from Daren Smith, Founder of Lightbulb Courses

Success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy and skills. 

Over a 17+ career as a professional creator, I struggled for more than a decade to figure that out.

I started businesses in the music, film and video, social media, and content media industries. I just about gave up in 2017 when a business that I helped run for years failed miserably. I’d gone into debt to try and keep it afloat, but no matter how many courses, coaches, or products I paid for, nothing worked.

That’s when I learned that success isn’t about the tools or strategies. It’s about mindset.

Once I understood that, I was able to grow my freelance producing to a six-figure income and increased my income each of the next three years afterwards.

When the pandemic hit, I started Craftsman Creative (now Lightbulb Courses) to help teach creators the things I’d learned that finally worked. Not strategies or tactics, but principles and frameworks that could apply to any creator, not just a film producer, like myself.

My passion is helping creators do what they love and make a great living doing it. I hated seeing all of my musician, filmmaker, and photographer friends struggle over the last few years. So I set out to help them.

Now, I have expanded my course offerings to help all types of creators bring passion back into their lives. I hope you’ll join us soon.

Thank you,
Daren Smith