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"I've always admired [Tyler’s] work but I never thought that I would have the chance to attend his workshop. This was the most valuable workshop I have ever done. Not only did Tyler and his team create magic with the editorial materials that they designed for us, but he is also one of the most honest photographers that I've met so far. He is not afraid to share his knowledge with us. It is obvious that Tyler cares about each of us and was trying to help us grow in both our business and our photography. Thank you Tyler and all the people who made that happen!”

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“I needed to raise my prices somewhat significantly, but couldn’t get my numbers and packages to work out right in my head. Jeremy has been so knowledgeable at his workshops and in the industry. He was able to break things down for me in easy to understand concepts, [he] presented ideas I hadn’t considered, and even helped me work through some of my blocks around logical pricing and client mentality. After I fine tuned my pricing, I immediately booked two clients at a rate of $1,000 higher than my previous package, with less coverage included. Make more and work less - that’s what we all want, isn’t it? I can now confidently present my pricing to planners and clients, and finally feel like I’m getting paid what I’m worth.”

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“I’ve been following Doris’s artistic work for a while now and have always wanted to learn how to do some of the amazing projects that she has done, specifically where she created beautiful lettering on non-papered items. Doris talked about the steps for the project (from start to finish) such as the basics of lettering, composition and layout (the most interesting part for me) and how to apply this to any project. I loved that I was able to ask questions and receive tips/suggestions from her directly! I’m looking forward to learning from her again for another project!”

How Five-Figure Creators Can Build Six-Figure Businesses

by Daren Smith, Founder of Lightbulb Courses
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After years of working with creators to help them with their mindset and to understand how to grow their businesses, I decided to put everything I know into one place.

This book will help you grow your business by teaching you how to master your mindset, finances, marketing, audience building, sales, and even systems and optimization.