Composing Choral Music with Andrew Maxfield

Turn any text into a complete, published musical composition

This course is for you if...

  • You want to learn how to turn any text into a musical composition
  • Looking for a framework that works
  • You want to learn how to publish your finished work


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"I am SO impressed with this course. It is EXACTLY What I needed, although I did not know it. I am a life-long musician who has only piddled with composition.

Enough to get through school and a bit more... I usually do not review things until I finish them, but I have learned so much already, it was worthy of an early

"two-thumbs up!"

~Bari Brumfield

So Concise

"I took the course to learn a little bit more about music. I sing in my church choir and with a community chorus, and since retirement I have been wanting to learn more, and this became a wonderful opportunity to do that."

~Nancy Morrissey

Here's what you'll learn in this composition course:

Welcome & Intro

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. How To Use This Course
  3. Download Your Course Materials

Module 1

  1. Text First Composing
  2. Voice, Color, and White Space
  3. Assessing The Text, Asking for Permission, and Singing Things

Module 2

  1. Analyzing The Text Of "The Door"
  2. Analyzing The Text Of "The Singing Bowl"
  3. Activity 1

Module 3

  1. Form - Content & Containers
  2. Creating A Narrative Map
  3. Activity 2

Module 4

  1. Audience, Purpose, and Resources
  2. Activity 3

Module 5

  1. Internalizing The Text
  2. Activity 4

Module 6

  1. Crafting The Music - Principles To Put Pencil To Page
  2. Composing "The Door"
  3. Composing "The Door" Part 2
  4. Composing "The Son Is Shining"

Module 7

  1. Composing "The Singing Bowl"
  2. Composing "The Singing Bowl" Part 2
  3. Activity 5

Conclusion & Next Steps

  1. Your Turn! Go And Compose On Your Own

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