Songwriting And Piano with Faith Marie

Everything you need to play any song on the radio, find your own musical style, and start writing your own music.

This course is for you if...

  • You want to learn how to write song lyrics and melodies
  • You have always wanted to play the piano but have struggled to learn
  • You have a passion or curiosity for music

Learn To Write Your Own Songs In Your Own Style

Overcome the doubt and fear and learn the writing process that has helped me write songs.

Have you ever wanted to learn songwriting, but didn’t know where to start? Didn’t know how to play an instrument? In this course I will help you overcome those obstacles, and give you the confidence and tools you need to start writing the songs that you want to write.

Learn To Play And Perform Any Song In Any Style

Even if you've never played the piano...

I'll teach you the exact way that I learned to play the piano when I was 7 years old, which helped me start writing my own songs just a few years later.


Learn from your favorite creators

With courses made by the creators you love and produced by Lightbulb Courses, you will get the guidance you need to learn and grow.

Improve your mindset & skill set

Gain the skills, confidence, and clarity you need to get back on track and realize your full creative potential.

Develop your new craft & grow without limitations

With your creativity in full swing, you can get back to focusing on new outcomes and will feel ready to take action.

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Here's What I Cover In This Course

Everything You Need To Get Started Writing & Playing Your Own Songs

Intro & Welcome

  1. Welcome to my Songwriting Course!

The Writer's Mindset

  1. What Is A Writer's Mindset?
  2. The Importance Of A Writer's Mindset
  3. Why To Use Journaling To Help Improve Your Writer's Mindset
  4. Using TV and Film to Improve Your Writer's Mindset
  5. Using Books to Improve Your Writer's Mindset
  6. Finding Inspiration Through Curiosity and Conversations
  7. Writers Mindset Summary

The Writing Process

  1. Introduction To The Writing Process
  2. Rule 1: Be Open Minded
  3. Rule 2: Don't Be Hard On Yourself
  4. Rule 3: Fail
  5. Rule 4: Be Open To Criticism
  6. Creating Your Own Writing Process

Song Structure

  1. Introduction To Song Structure
  2. The Song Intro
  3. The Verse
  4. The Pre-Chorus
  5. The Chorus
  6. The Bridge
  7. Writing Your Own Songs
  8. Bonus: Toxic Thoughts - Acoustic Performance

Play Any Radio Song On The Piano

  1. Playing Piano - The Notes On The Keyboard
  2. Forming Notes Into Chords
  3. Finding The Chords For Any Song On The Radio
  4. Adding Rhythm
  5. Changing The Chord Voicing To Play Easier
  6. Go Play A Song!
  7. Conclusion and Thank You!


  1. Q&A

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