Create a physical product and successfully launch a six-figure Kickstarter with this two-course bundle


  • You have an idea for a physical product but are unsure how to get started
  • Are stuck on the logistics of producing and distributing a physical product
  • Want a proven framework for launching your product on Kickstarter


Our product course covers everything you need to get that idea into your head and turn it into a product you can sell.

You'll learn the four things that make a great product, set goals to keep momentum, our proven product design process, and everything we know about producing products.

By the end of the course you'll be ready to take action and get your product ready to go to market.


Our Kickstarter course has 56 lessons and over 3 hours of video content to walk you through a successful Kickstarter launch.

You'll start by setting goals, then we'll walk you through the Kickstarter platform so you can master your profile and your launch.

You'll learn how to create fans and turn that audience into a successful campaign.

We'll walk you through every step of building your Kickstarter page, and share our proven strategy that's led to over $2M raised through Kickstarter.


Learn from your favorite creators

With courses made by the creators you love and produced by Lightbulb Courses, you will get the guidance you need to learn and grow.

Improve your mindset & skill set

Gain the skills, confidence, and clarity you need to get back on track and realize your full creative potential.

Develop your new craft & grow without limitations

With your creativity in full swing, you can get back to focusing on new outcomes and will feel ready to take action.

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"This course has been an incredible asset to us as we launched our Kickstarter projects. We were able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and much of that is because of what we learned in this course. It has made launching on Kickstarter a process that can be repeated again and again"

~ Jay Davis | Pillow Cube

"The course was THE key to our launching a successful Kickstarter! We had no idea where to begin, but with the help of this course, we had a step-by-step guide to take us through the entire process. It has tons of resources, is easy to watch, and is entertaining. Without it, we would have never been funded. Anybody wanting to start selling a product HAS to take this course."

~ Randy & Laurel Francis | Ralalu LLC

"As a fellow Kickstarter creator, this course has really helped me when it comes to methodically building up anticipation for Kickstarter launches and obtaining a commitment from hundreds of backres ready to pre-order and pledge the moment my campaigns go live. It's an exciting feeling to reach one's funding goal within the duration of a Kickstarter's another feeling entirely when you surpass your funding goal 1,000% within ghe first 24 hours of the campaign going live... and that, in large part, is thanks to what this course has taught me."

~ Cary Decker | Kuvrd


Welcome To The Course

  1. Intro & Welcome
  2. Where to Start
  3. How This Course Works
  4. Course Player Walkthrough

Four Things That Make A Great Product

  1. What We Look For In A Product
  2. Easy To Ship & Store
  3. Solves A Problem
  4. Not Too Broad Or Too Niche

Setting Goals

  1. The Importance Of Setting Goals

The Product Design Process

  1. Product Design
  2. Ensure The Product Is Great
  3. Focus Group
  4. Get or Make a Prototype
  5. Focus Group 2 and Golden Sample
  6. Pricing


  1. Manufacturing
  2. Sourcing Products & Manufacturing
  3. Minimum Order Quantities aka MOQs
  4. Setting Realistic Production Timelines

Ensuring The Quality Of Your Product

  1. Quality Inspections
  2. QC Example


  1. Product Packaging
  2. Shipping Packaging
  3. What Goes On The Packaging

From Product To Brand

  1. Snowballing The Brand
  2. Selling Your Product & Conclusion



Welcome & Intro

  1. Meet Your Instructors
  2. How to use this course
  3. Before we begin...
  4. Kickstarter Overview and Terminology
  5. Why Crowdfunding When Launching A Product

Setting Goals

  1. Setting Goals

Understanding The Kickstarter Platform

  1. The Kickstarter Algorithm
  2. Kickstarter Demographics/Rules Of The Platform

Creating Fans & Snowballing Success

  1. Creating Fans vs One-Time Backers | Snowballing Success
  2. Launching Imperfect Products

Building Out The Kickstarter Page

  1. How To: Kickstarter Story Section
  2. Video
  3. Scripting & Storyboarding Your Video
  4. Story Section Flow
  5. Kickstarter Page Demonstration
  6. Imagery
  7. In-House Media Creation
  8. Graphics
  9. FAQ Section

Campaign Strategy

  1. Length of Campaign
  2. Pledge Levels
  3. Margin for Super Early Birds
  4. Stretch Goals
  5. Friends & Family Launch Strategy
  6. Launch Strategy Email & Sneak Peek

Product Shipping Considerations

  1. Shipping Weight
  2. International Shipping
  3. Lowering Shipping Costs Using A 3PL
  4. Shipping As A Gift

Running A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Day Before Launch
  2. Running Ads During Your Campaign
  3. What is a Kickstarter Ad Agency?
  4. ROAS Calculator
  5. Kickstarter Ad Partners
  6. Facebook & Instagram Pages
  7. Cross Collaboration
  8. Cross Collaboration Example
  9. Kickstarter Marketing Tools
  10. Custom Referral Tags & Links
  11. Submitting Your Campaign For Review
  12. Just Before Launch Checklist
  13. Launching Your Campaign
  14. End Of Launch Day
  15. First Week Slump
  16. PR
  17. Mid Campaign Strategy
  18. Indiegogo On Demand
  19. Last Week Of The Campaign

Finishing Your Campaign & Next Steps

  1. Finishing The Campaign
  2. Next Steps
  3. Backer Kit
  4. Two Weeks Post Campaign
  5. Customer Experience
  6. Fulfillment
  7. Transition to E-Commerce
  8. Conclusio
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