Learn everything you need to create compelling and effective hand-lettered compositions.

By the end of this class, you will be what I like to call a “self-reliant lettering artist” meaning that you will have all the tools and the knowledge to confidently go forward to create work that is unique, beautiful, meaningful, and well designed.

Whether you’re brand new to hand-lettering or excited to learn how to take your work to the next level this class is for you!

Over the course of the class, we will be covering topics like balance, hierarchy, layout, variety, consistency, negative space, flourishing, and more! I’ll even be sharing some of my best business practices that I use when creating compositions for clients as a freelance artist!

The course consists of step by step videos with clear, simple teaching that you can watch over and over again. As part of the course, you will get a downloadable workbook that we will use throughout each of the lessons.

Other than the workbook, all you need is a pen or pencil and a ruler, no fancy expensive tools required!

And that’s not all!

When creating this class, it was super important to me that there be a level of accountability built into the lessons.

I wanted to be sure that you as a student were receiving the support and feedback that you need to become an awesome lettering artist, which is why at the end of each assignment there will be a place for you to upload your work!

At the end of each lesson, you’ll be able to submit your work and get positive, constructive feedback in the form of a video directly from me on how to get even better!

Check out some of my past student's work in my Instagram Stories.

I am so excited for you to join me in this lettering course! Let’s get busy creating some compositions!


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"I loved how you really broke down the composition and talked about hierarchy, emphasis, balance, etc. It was really helpful and a lot of the things I don't think about much. I also really liked the breakdown of the structure types (like arches, straight angle...) and practicing combining them."

~ JR

"The feedback after each module is SO important. I love getting feedback directly from Hayley, and the fact that I get instant feedback not only keeps me accountable but helps me learn so much faster."

~ DS

"Hayley teaches with so much energy and enthusiasm. She was very clear and helped me as a beginner to feel confident about my composition skills."

~ KM

Welcome & Intro

  1. Welcome to the Type Affiliated Composition & Design Course!
  2. Quick Note About The Hand-Lettering Courses
  3. Materials & Tools Needed For This Course
  4. Download Your Course Workbook!

BONUS Lessons for Digital Hand-Lettering

  1. BONUS! Hand-lettering In Procreate On The iPad
  2. BONUS! Hand-Lettering in Adobe Illustrator

Vocabulary, Tools & The Composition Building Blocks

  1. Lesson 1 - Vocab & The Basic Building Blocks
  2. Lesson 1 - Upload Your Work!

Balance & Flow

  1. Lesson 2 - Balance & Flow
  2. Lesson 2 - Upload Your Work!

Hierarchy In Design

  1. Lesson 3 - Hierarchy
  2. Lesson 3 - Upload Your Work!

Variety & Consistency

  1. Lesson 4 - Variety and Consistency
  2. Lesson 4 - Upload Your Work!

Negative Space And How To Use It

  1. Lesson 5 - Negative Space
  2. Negative Space Example
  3. Lesson 5 - Upload Your Work!

The 10 Commandments Of Flourishing

  1. Lesson 6 - The 10 Commandments of Flourishes
  2. Example Flourishes
  3. Flourish Example Results
  4. Lesson 6 - Upload Your Work!

Color Theory

  1. Lesson 7 - Color Theory
  2. Color Theory Results
  3. Lesson 7 - Upload Your Work!

Finding Inspiration For Your Composition & Designs

  1. Lesson 8 - Inspiration
  2. Lesson 8 - Upload Your Work!

Creating Compositions for Clients

  1. Lesson 9 - Three Variations
  2. Upload Your Three Variations
  3. Final Project
  4. Final Project - Upload Your Work

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