Every Day Makeup Look

Learn how to do an every day makeup look and how to glam it up for a night out or a special event!

This Course Is For You If...

  1. You are short on time but still want to look your best
  2. You don't know the tools or techniques to get the look you want
  3. You want a simple daily routine to get your makeup on and get on with your day

"Katie, Can You Just Do My Makeup Every Day?!"

I can't TELL you how many times my clients have said these exact words to me after I finish doing their makeup.

Well - now I can help you do your makeup everyday!

In this course I teach you how to do an every day makeup look specific to YOUR skin.

Oh - and a ton of other stuff too, like what brushes to use, how to apply different makeup, how to find out your skin undertones and skin type, along with a ton of pro makeup tips I've learned over the years.

Makeup Shouldn't Be Stressful

Ever walk into a makeup store and get completely overwhelmed, break out in a sweat, and start running for the door vowing to never return?

(I see you nodding your head...)

But no worries, I got you!

Makeup shouldn't be stressful! It exists to help enhance the beauty that you already have.

I will teach you how to choose what makeup is best for your face and the look that you want, and how to do an everyday makeup look in under 20 minutes!


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Welcome & Intro

  1. Welcome To The Course!
  2. My Favorite Products
  3. Links to My Favorite Products

Skin Prep And Priming

  1. Module 1 Overview
  2. The Importance Of Skincare
  3. Skincare Products
  4. Applying Moisturizer
  5. Priming!

Brushes, Brushes, and more Brushes!

  1. The Brushes You Need (and the ones you don't!)

Foundation and Concealer

  1. Module 3 Intro
  2. Identifying Your Skin Undertone
  3. Buying Foundation For Your Skin Type
  4. Color Correction and Concealer
  5. Applying Foundation And Concealer

Eye Shadow

  1. Eye Shadow!
  2. Intensifying the Eye Shadow
  3. Eye Shadow Technique

Creating Dimension With Your Makeup

  1. Creating Dimension Intro
  2. Powder
  3. Contouring & Bronzer
  4. Color and Highlighting

Eye Brows

  1. Intro to Eye Brows
  2. Eye Brow Products
  3. Eye Brow Shape & Application


  1. Intro to Lips
  2. Lip Liner And Lip Color

Details & Finishing Touches

  1. Eye Liner
  2. Lashes - Mascara and Glue On Lashes
  3. Finishing Touches
  4. Conclusion - Your Every Day Look
  5. Everyone Can Be An Affiliate!
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