Learn how to create a cohesive style in every room of your home

In this coure you'll learn...

  • Design & Styling Basics - the foundation of your new design and styling knowledge that we'll use in each room of your home.
  • Styling Every Room Including your living room, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, kids rooms, and entry ways.
  • Honing In On A Style How to find and create your own unique style based on the inspiration you've been collecting for years.

I’m Crystal Ann, a New York-based Interior Designer and Stylist

And This Is My Styling And Design Course

I'm a professional designer and stylist based in New York City, and in this course I'm going to teach you the principles and secrets to getting a cohesive look in every room of your home, even if you're on a budget!

In my online course Styling Your Home, I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about home decorating as a professional interior designer and stylist. You’ll learn foundational styling and design principles, like balance, emphasis, contrast, texture and more. I’ll show you how to implement these principles using real projects in my own home. You'll see me style a remodelled kitchen, living room, and dining nook, so you can learn first-hand how to make the most out of every room in your home, no matter how large, or small. If you’re ready to live in a home that you love, let’s get started.

A Complete Course To Help You Style Your Own Home

I'll teach you everything you need to get started and create a cohesive style.

Not only will I teach you the fundamentals and principles of styling and design, but I'll show you with real projects and my own home how to implement those principles.

You'll see me style a remodeled kitchen, living room, and dining nook, and I'll show you how I get the most out of my NYC rental.

Everything you need in one online course that you can take at your own pace and that you have lifetime access to. I can't wait for you to start your own styling journey!


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"I couldn't believe how much I learned in just a few lessons. I consider myself pretty "up to date" on design, but in every part of the house I learned something new, and realized I already had everything I need to make a few small tweaks to my own home and get the look and feel I've been after all these years."


"This course is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I've been trying forever to get the rooms in my house to look a certain way, and no matter what I tried it never felt right. After learning from Crystal in her course, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and the transformation was instant. I'm so grateful I found this course!"

~ Katie

Course Curriculum

M0 - Intro & Overview

  1. Welcome to my styling course!
  2. Start With Inspiration

M1 - Honing In On A Style

  1. Gathering Inspiration
  2. Create A Mood Board in PowerPoint
  3. Create a Digital Mood Board
  4. Creating A Floor Plan
  5. Two Types Of Mood Boards
  6. Visual Mood Board
  7. Finding Your Style

M2 - Styling The Rooms Of My Home

  1. Going From Mood Board To Styling Your Room
  2. Styling A Living Room
  3. How To Style Shelves
  4. Styling A Dining Room
  5. Think Of How The Space Will Be Used
  6. What To Put On The Walls
  7. Styling A Small Kitchen
  8. Before & After

M3 - Client Example - Utah

  1. How To Style Your Kitchen
  2. How To Style A Dining Nook
  3. How To Style A Fireplace And The Walls Of Your Home
  4. How To Use Complimentary Textiles
  5. How To Style A Sofa
  6. How To Style A Coffee Table
  7. Before & After

M4 - Client Example - NYC

  1. Styling A Client's NYC Living Room
  2. Styling A Client's NYC Kitchen
  3. Before & After

M5 - What To Do Next

  1. What To Do Next

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